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Home Remedies for Burnt Skin

Remedies for Burnt Skin Remedies for Burnt Skin Desi Nuskhe burnt skin

People do experience small burns at home, especially while working in the kitchen due to many reasons like oil ,steam,boiling liquid. When such things do happen, quick usage of certain home remedies do help. Here are some of them:

1. Aloe vera: It is great for healing and soothing burns.

Directly apply aloe vera gel on the burn. Its soothing and rejuvenating properties will help cool the burned skin. Since the active ingredient (acemannen) breaks down quickly, fresh inner leaf fillets are much preferred. Fresh aloe vera quickly soothes painful burns and often heals even serious burns with little or no scarring.


2. Banana peels: Sometimes, placing a banana peel on the burned area of the skin till it becomes black has proved beneficial for burn injuries.

3. Honey: This is a common home remedy used for burns and covering the burns with honey has been shown to produce less scarring. Raw honey has wonderful antiseptic and healing properties.

4. Diluted vinegar: A wonderful and widely available household first-aid item for healing and soothing burns is diluted vinegar. Cover the burn area with a cloth soaked in diluted vinegar. Refresh the vinegar compress as often as needed, especially if the pain becomes stronger again.

5. Diluted lavender oil: This is also known to help reduce the pain. A combination of aloe vera gel, vitamin C, lavender oil and vitamin E can work as a good salve that can be applied through the day.

6. Yogurt: This also makes a person feel better but you should wait for at least 30 minutes before you apply this.

7. Olive oil: Olive oil is loaded with vitamins and essential fatty acids involved in speeding the healing of burns.The Amish are often credited for creating a natural method for reducing burns with olive oil that’s as effective as conventional treatments, and they’re not alone. The olive oil supplies essential nutrients to the injured skin and discourages harmful organisms from infecting the wound.

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