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Onion commonly available at home ,is best product for Hair Care.Although because of its bitter taste and smell people doesn't like it much but Do you Know the onion reduces the problem of Hair Fall , Hair Split problem and Hair breakage problem.
Onion is rich of Sulpher which helps hair in regaining essential vitamin which helps in hair growth .

Onion has anti Bacterial benefits ,Applying the Onion Juice helps in reducing hair fall and Dandruff .If you want to keep your hair shiny and long then use Onion Hair packs


1 Onion Juice - Extract Onion Juice and apply on hair for 25-30 mins ,wrap your hair with towel so that roots would soak it. Later Wash it well with shampoo.

2. Onion & Coconut Oil -Mix Cocunut oil and Onion Juice Together ,apply on hair and it would help in Hair Growth. Mix Onion Juice in coconut oil and massage scalp.Then wrap in Towel and take steam ,this will help in getting rid of dead skin on scalp and helps in increasing hair length.

3.Onion and Honey - Very Effective remedy for hair growth . To make this pack ,make onion paste and add few drops of honey .Apply Paste on the area where you feel less hair

4.Onion and Lemon - You can increase the length of hair by mixing Lemon and Onion Juice and also it is beneficial in reducing the dandruff.Lemon Juice helps in cleaning the scalp and reducing the hair fall.

5. Onion & Egg - People fond of long hair can use Mixture of Egg and Onion.Hair pack can be make by mixing Onion and white portion of Egg . Apply the mixture and leave it on hair for 25 to 30 Mins in wet hair and Shampoo after .

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