Punjabi Muhavare

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Punjabi Muhavare
  ҈   Ajj kal Batera mehnga hai.


When Everything is gone expensive,so its used.  Means Even Easily available quail is expensive

҈Anne kutay-Harna maghar


Blind dogs chasing deer .  or Incompetent person cannot do difficult job


AAp na bassi Sohrian De, lokiin mattaaN de...


When one has so many Flaws,but still gives advises to other

AAppe Mein Rajji Pujji, AApe mere Bache jeon.

Meaning:Its Used for Selfish Person...I got everything and i dont care anyone else

AndhoN mein kana raja


A figure among cyphers

 ҈   Anne Agge roane-te akhiya da ghata


Its wastage of your time to share your sorrows, with person who damn cares.

 Anna wande reoriyaan, mud mud aaapneyaan nu.


Reaping Benefits only for own people

matbal aapneyaan nu ee mud mud faayde puchaana

҈   Agg la ke Dabbu kandh te


Escape After Making fight Between two

   Anni peese kutti chatte


Careless work doesn't give output

 Ameer di mar gayi kutti, Oh har kisse puchhi. Gareeb di mar gayi Maa, Ohda kisse na leya Naa.


Now a days Society only values Rich People

 Aate Naal Ghun vi Pisda hai


Although one is a Good guy , still he got  because of his company with bad guy

Sentence:- Ik Munda si Babloo jo Bahut hi Sau si par usda dost Rakesh bahut hi vigdiya si.Rakesh jithe v jaanda Babloo nu aapne naal le jaanda.Rakesh ta Saara din Aashiqui te kudiya nu comment Maarda rehnda si ,Aashiqui Rakesh karda te Kutt Babloo nu pe jaani .Isnu Kehnde han Aate naal Ghun v Pisna

҈ Bhawn Jhaown Kay Khotee Bodh Thallay / Jithon di khoti, uthe hi aan khaloti!

Meaning Punjabi: Eh kahavat us vaste hai jisnu bahut samjaan toh baad v ghum phir ke ohi swaal puchi jaaye taan kehnde ne “Jithon di khoti, uthe hi aan khaloti”

Meaning English: Proverb used for a person to whom someone tried hard to explain about some query but still the person asks same question,although its explained several times.


҈ Buhe utte Khaloti Janj, Tay wino kuri da kan.

the groom's party is standing at the door let's pierce the girl's ear now


҈ Bad changga badnaam bura


A bad man is better than a bad name.


҈ Bhukhay Jat kaTora labha, paani pee pee aaphareya


Too Much Excitment after getting Unexpected thing

 ҈ Bamana de poot koi jin koi bhoot koi virla he sapoot.

҈ BuDhi ghoRi laal laghaam


Age has grown up to old but fashion interest is still there

҈ Bakri dudh dindi hai, par meengna paa k


Complete some work without happiness ,Kamm v karna oh v ro ro

҈ Bhare pet, te shakkar kaudi


When stomach is full ,Even sugar tastes Bitter



҈ Chhappad da Gwaah Dadduu
Meaning:Usage->Pind ch chori ho gayee tan sab nu banty te shaq c, jado sab usnu puchhan lage tan us ne keha main injh nahi kita, tan banta sharaabi,jo khud chori di sja kat ke aya hai ,usdi tassali den lag peya ki
Bunty is tran kar hi nahi sakda, tan pancha ne usnu keha"Chup kar banteya, akhe chhapp
҈   Chor uchaka Choudhary, Gunday ran pardhan.

Meaning:Badmaashi da bol bala

Chor di Dhaadhi vich tinka.

Meaning:A guilty mind or conscienceis always suspicious

Chaar dina di chandni phir andheri raat hai

Meaning:A nine days wonder

Chidiya Di Maut Te Gawaraa da Haasa

Meaning:Deriving Pleasure from Others Suffering

Choohi nu sundh di ganddi labhi te oh pansari ban bethi


Start showing huge attitude after getting little


҈   Darya nou koh-teh suthan moude te.


 Getting Ready for bath ,Yet The river is so far away ....This idiom can be used when one is ready for the moment which has so much time to be.

҈   Desi kutta, kureshani boli.

Meaning: When one doesn't speak in own mothertongue


҈   Dudh da jalya lassi nu bhi phoonk poonk ke peenda ey


A burnt child dreads the fire


҈   Dheeye kan kar noohen kam kar.


Always Favour own Daughter than daughter-in-law

҈   Dekhi teri cheen di khatti, Tuti ghagri rassi da nala. 
- Dee(daughter) nahin te pa(wear) la
Nu(daughter in law) nahin te kha(eat) la

҈   Dub-de nu tinke da sahara


A drowing man catches at a straw.


҈   Dhatthaa Khotay ton, tay Kaudh Kubharaan Tay.


 Giving Blame to someone else for own foolish act.)
Dhatthaa -> Fallen
Khota -> Donkey
Kaudh (or Kaurr) -> anger

 Kubhar (kumiar)-> caste who used to make pots and Wahnan(Wodden structure used on donkeys for riding

 Dhele di budi, taka sir munaai da

҈   Daan ki bachiya ka daant nahin dekha janda

Meaning:Beggars cant be choosers


҈   Dilaan Nu dilaan tayee rah hunde Han 


Hearts have their own way of communicating and reaching each other


Ek librdi majh saare talaab nu ganda ker dindi hai


A rotten apple injures companions.

߷ Ghar da yogi Yog na , Baherla  yogi Sidh

Underestimating the wiseman at home, and believeing other saints are wise.

Meaning: if a family member or a friend is intelligent,competent and skillful wisdom are not appreciated, but rather an outsider often gets praise and accolades although he is not worthy.

߷ Guddi rani, Badi sayani ,Ridhe Pakke pawe pani.


Idiom is used to insult ,like she doesnt' see whether its fully cooked or half cooked ..she just adds water in everything.

߷ Garibi 'ch aata gilla


In adversity, everything takes a bad turn.

߷ Gora rang sau aib chupaave, kaala rang sau leekan laave

߷ Gulaab naal kande v hunde han


Beneath the rose lies thorn

߷ Garjhde Badal Barsde Nahin


Barking dogs seldom bite

߷ Garhe nu hath laaya,sara tabar tihaaya


Aap kamm na karna,dusre nu udeekna te usde hath cheez dekh k lalchaana


߷ Haweli Miyan Baakar di, vich Salemo AakaR di


Haweli Miyan Baakar Di ----House Belongs to a Rich Guy

Vich Salemo Aakar Di    ----Some poor girl shows attitude

(Ghar kise hor da par apni taur Dikhani or Live like a king in someone's else Kingdom)



߷ Hathi chale bazaar kutta bhonke hazaar


An elephant walks his own path, let the thousand dogs bark

  1. Meaning:- When you dont care others whatever they are saying

߷ Hath Kangan Nu Aarsi Ki Te Padhe Likhe Nu Farsi ki  


 Theres is no problem of Language for Educatued Person , Jo samjdar Hai yani intelligent Hai us nu Koi Problem nai

߷ Hath purane khausde, basante horin aaye


Khausde-Old worn out shoes

߷ Hans heera moti chunde,bagg dadda bhalan jaawe


Je koi achanak publicity mil jave te oh v apne aap nu bahut mahan samjda.)

 Flying high after getting sudden Publicity

Ik din paraona, dujay din paraona, teejay din...DAADAY MAGAONA!

one day vistor, second day vistor, third day HEADACHE


Ishq Mizazi Te TilkanBaazi.


A love is a slippery game.)

Imam Polee Moray.

Imam-> name
Polee-> a caste, also called jolaha, in old times they used to waive clothes.
Moray-> Ahead of all
"Imam polee is always ahead of everybody"
Usage->When somebody of less importance, breaches the usual protocols and tries to go ahead of more important ppl.

Insaan di shakal ch Shaitaan


A wolf in sheep's clothings


߷Jo Sukh Chajju De Chubaare ,Naoh Balkh Na Bukhare

( The satisfaction that one gets at home is nowhere)

There is a Story Behind this Idiom .......

In this Idiom Chajju Da Chubara is a Place in Pakistan ,The dwelling was situated on Anarkali Road,Lahore . During the regime of Bhangi Sardar's , a temple and inn was constructed in the Chajju' dwelling which later came to be known as Chajju da Chaubara.

 Balkh is a city situated in Afghanistan, about 20 kilometers northwest of the provincial capital, Mazar-e Sharif, and some 74 km (46 mi) south of the Amu Darya.
Marco Polo described Balkh as Great and Noble city .

Bukhara is a city situated in Uzbekistan. Located on the Silk Road, the city has long been a center of trade, scholarship, culture, and religion. The historic center of Bukhara, which contains numerous mosques and madrassas.

 ߷Jagde da Lakh, Sutte da Kakh


It's only the active ones who make something out of this world.)


߷Jummeraat di Jhari, Atth(8) din di khari.


It would continue to rain for eight days if it starts on a Thursday

߷ Jithon dee Khottee (female donkey) Othay hee aaan khalotee.


(Translation; "The female donkey has again reached the place from where it started journey"

Usage-> used when you are trying to convince some person who is not understanding in anyway

߷ Jaisa Raja baisa prajha


LIke King, like subjets

 ߷ Jaaniye maa de ranga nu je bandar v chale ganga nu

߷  Jaise kerni baise bharni


As u sow , so shall u reap

߷ Jaat di kohr kirli, shateeran naal jaffe

߷Jhabhal putt na jamiye, Dhi anni changi


߷ Jitthe Dekhan Tawa Praat ,Gaawan Uthe Saari Raat 


One would spend time wherever he gets benefits

Idiom or Proverb can be used for a selfish person

߷ Jehdi kohti daane ohde kamle v syaane -

߷ Jumaa Janjay Naal

Jumaa -> name
Janj -> Wedding caravan.
"Jumaa is always along with wedding caravan"

߷Jis de peir(foot) na phatey beeaiee ooh  ki jaane peerh parraaee .


If a person has never experienced pain or anguish, he/she cannot know or appreciate the pain of others.


§ Khaan Peen nu Bandri,Sota khaan nu Richh(Bear).

- Khaane chole dhakaar badaama de

(Meaning- Deserves Little but Show off is Huge)

- Khadha Peeta laahE da
  Baaki Ahmed ShahE da
 (Meaning :-Whatever you have eaten or drank is of some value, the rest will be looted by Ahmed Shah (Afghani raider))

- Kucchar kudi, pind tandhor

(The daughter is on his/her shoulder, but he she is crying out 'I've lost my daughter,  all over the village.)

-Kothe toN digg payi, vehre naal russ payi. (Meaning:-Blaming Others for own silly deed)

- Khodeya pahaad, nikklya chooha. (Meaning-Expectation was high ,but outcome is very minimal)

 - Kar punn kha ghasunn

- Keedi nu thoothi v dariya hai . (Meaning:-The Value of something which is huge for you,although small for others)

- Kutta raaj bahaliye fer chakki chatte 

Khar Kharbooja Paasra ,Chauthi Kachi Baan ..Chaare Meeh na Mangde ...Bhaave Ujjad Jaaye Jahaan.

(Meaning:-(Can be Used for a Too Selfish Person ) When one cares only about himself,and gives dammn to other)



-Lakeer De Fakeer (Meaning:- Do Only and Always  what has been told  )

Sentence :-(Once a M.A passed Girl Proposed a guy for a marriage ,he denied because his mother told him to get married to atleast B.A pass girl ..ihnu kehnde ae Lakeer de Fakeer)

-Lallu Kare Kawaliyan Rabb Sidiyan Pawe (Meaning :- Foolish things Turning into Good )

Meaning:-(Ik Vaari Lallu de kuch dostan ne lallu nu phook te chada ditta ki college di sabh to sohni kudi nu Phul nahi Gobi da Phul den nu,Lallu gobi da phul le gya te kudi ne accept kar leya ,kyunki Gobi us kudi di fav si ...Isnu kehnde Lallu Kare Kawaliyan Rabb Sidhiyan Pawe)

Lalach buri blaa hai

Meaning:-(Avarice is the root of all evils.)

§ Lohe de channe chabana

Meaning:-(A hard nut to crack)

Lah dittee  loyi te kee Karega Koi. 

Meaning:- Lah dittee (take off) loyi (a thin blanket, here it means modesty) kee (what) karaiga (will do) koi (some one else).

If a person looses his modesty then no one can restore his dignity.


҈     Muh mach gaya kaaliye mirche, jatt jatti nu dandiyaan kirche


Kasoor Kise hor da,gussa kise hor te (Get Pissed off with something ,but showing aggression to someone else who has no fault).


҈   Mein v rani, dhee bhi rani, kaun leavai khu toh Paani

 If mother and daughter think like a queen than who would work?

҈   Maa ditti rai, dhee vasnon vi Jaye.


Mother gave advise to her married daughter ,which went wrong and made situation worst

҈  Maa naaloan Dhee siyani-jide pakkay paave pani.
The daughter is wiser than mother-puts water into whatever's cooking

҈   Mann jeete jag jeet - ਮਨ ਜੀਤੈ ਜਗ ਜੀਤ


If you have won the heart ,you have won the world

҈   Majbooree Daa Naan Shukreeyaa.

"Other name of "being forced to do something" is thank you"
Usage->When somebody doesnot like to do anything but he is forced to do that, there is no way out

҈   Mooh to laahi loyi,ta ki karega koi


Go with No shame.

҈  Muchh phut Gabroo,Heek phut naar
  Seng phut baida,bakshe kartar

A young man who is just getting his moustache
A young girl just reaching her puberty
A male OX just getting his horns
Only God can save us from these three

҈   Muh kaala te neelay pair. (black face and blue feet)

҈   Munh na matha, jinn pahaRhoN latha


Idiom is used to address too ugly looking person

҈   Muh mein Ram Ram bagal main churi


A honey tongue, a heart of gall


-Na muuh  na  Mathaa , Jinn  pahadon  lathan

(Meaning-A person whose face and forehead are so ugly that it seems as if some ghost came down from mountains)

Idiom can be used as an insult of appearence

§ Neem hakeem khatra jaan

Meaning:-(A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.)

§ Naach na jaane ,Aangan Teida Or Phitey muh Godian da.

Meaning:-(A bad workman querrels with his tools.)

§ Nani khasm kare dohta chatti bhare

§ Nou(9) nagad na terah(13) udhaar.

Meaning:-(A bird in hand is worth two in the bush).

§ Oonth de muh bich jeera(A drop in the ocean.)

§ Pet na payian rotiyan,sabhe galaan khotiyaan

§ Parayi aas, aayi na raas.

Idiom Meaning:-Expectation Leads to Disappointment

§ Per Dho Dho Peene

Meaning:- Respect Someone Immensely,Kise Di Bahut Izzat Karni 

§ Payas lage te khoo pattna

§ Paraye sar te mukhian te beebo daidee shang.

Meaning:-Beebo takes the credit for somebody else's doing.

§ Parayi shaadi-ahmaq nache.

Meaning:-The idiot dances on somebody else's wedding

§ Pher kehdi maa nu masi kehna?

Meaning:-Used to tell people not to get themselves stuck in a difficult situation as there'll be no one around to help them out of it there.

§ Panee Hamesh Neevain Passay Chardaa aiy.
Water first goes towards shallow parts'
Usage    :-
When some strong person gets angry on another strong person

§ Pappoo yar tang naa ker
Mr. Pappoo dont irritate me.
When your friend is joking with you or irritaite you. v Palley na dhela-te kardi mela mela.( doesn't have a penny
and yet wants to go to the fair)

§ Pahadi yar kiske khai piye khiske


 Rakhiye te preet, nahi te paleet. 
(Idiom Meaning:- Its Love, if you sustain it. Its Futile, if you can't)
Roindya jaaoge te moian di khabar lai ke aoge.

-Rann nu te Ann nu Nindana nahi chahida. 

Meaning:-:-Wife and food, one should not speak ill of these two.

Rukhee Sukhee Khaa Farida Thandda Pannee Pee
Meaning:-Stay Satisfied in what you got

Naan Waikh Paraaee Chopadee Naan Tarsaween Jee

... Hazrat Baba Farid


§ Saddi billi sanu miyaoon

§ Sarfa kar kar Sutti, tey aata lai gai kutti.

Meaning:Hardly saved little by little and faced a sudden major loss )

§ Soot na pataan - Julaahe naal thenga thengi

Meaning:-You are lazy to do work,but throwing frustration on one who is working

§ Sharmo Sharmi ander warea, laraka kahe methon darea.
§ Saddi Na Sadayee, main Lare Di Tayee.
Meaning:-(Show one's presence any time, any where ...)
§ Siro ganji, hath kanghiya da joda
§ Singaa naal dosti, poocha naal weir
§ Sajji veehin ghodi aayi, choran de pasand na aayi

§ Sherni da dudh sone de Bhaande ch hi samaunda hai (Proverb Meaning:-Unique things needs Extraordinary care)


§ Thotha chana baaje ghana(An empty vessel sounds much.)
§ Tuu Lang jaa saadee Khair Aiy.
Meaning:-"You go ahead. Dont worry of me"
Usage -> When there is one thing and two candidates. One sacrifices it for other and says this.
§ Tatay dudh da Dareya lassi nu phookaN maar maar peeNda
§Tand na taani julaheya dango-daangi
-Tavva hove thidda, roti saṙe kyon / Rann hove sughaṙ, karza chaṙhe kyon / Puttar hove changa, Nuuh laṙe kyon.


§Uth hove na te fitte-muh godeyaan de

§ Uth nee dheye nisr ho-charkha chadh te chaki cho.

Meaning:-Wake up daughter, leave the weaving and start the grinding of the flour

§ Ujadi maseet te gahlad amaam -
§Udd kaawa , tenu choori paawan
§ Vas na vas, Dhiyen, oyio teri sus.

- Vehre aee jann, vhino kuree de kann.

(Meaning-It means leaving thing till the very last moment.)

҈    Ya Taande Vali Ni ,Ya Bhaande Vali Ni

Ek Vaar Ghumyaar ,Apniya Kudiya Nu Milan gya ,Pehla Ik kol gya
1st Girl -Baapu Je Meeh na Peya ta assi Marr Jaange,Kyunki Sade makki beeji hoyi ae

2nd Daughter- Baapu Baarish Na hi Hoye ,je ho gayi ta saade saare Kache Bhaande Tutt Jaane

Wapis aaya ta Usdi Wife ne pucheya ,Kudiya da ki haal ae
ta usda jawaab si ... Ya Taande Vali Ni ,Ya Bhaande Vali Ni


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