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Punjab Famous Politicians

Manmohan Singh

Our 13th and present Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh (born on September 26th 1932) is a prominent economist and the only Prime Minister of our country after Jawarharlal Nehru to take up the power after successful completion of five-year full term and also the first Sikh person to hold this honorable chair.

Basically born in a place called Gah (presently in the Punjab province of Pakistan), his family shifted to India during its separation in the year 1947. Followed by his doctorate degree in economics from London Oxford University, Manmohan Singh served for United Nations during 1966-1969. He started his political career when Lalit Narayan Mishra recruited him as advisor in our Ministry of Foreign Trade. During 1970s and 1980s, Manmohan Singh served in various significant posts in our Indian Government, such as our Chief Economic Advisor (during 1972-76), our Reserve Bank Governor (1982 to 1985) and also as Planning Commission Head (during 1985 to 1987).


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