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Modi Kurta Jacket

Modi Style Modi Style Modi Kurta Payjama Jacket

India’s politicians are often mocked by media for their crumpled traditional cotton shirt-and-pyjama attire, which serves as an austerity badge in a nation where simple living is prized as a political credo. But fashion experts say Modi has taken Indian political dress to a new level with his fastidious style, favouring crisp, half-sleeved linen, khadi or silk kurtas — shirts — and churidar pyjamas he pairs with tailored Nehru jackets.

Nowadays,latest trend in punjab is colorful Modi style Kurta Payjama and Jackets.Youth of Punjab are finding it so faishonable ,you will find these attire almost on all the readymade garments shop.It reconnects the root with unique fashion . Modi Kurta is to foster ties with great Indian Values and tradition through natural fabrics,iconic style,perfection and an understanding elegance that speaks itself .

Varieties of Modi Kurta and Jackets are available in market in lots of attractive colors ,some people have tweakeddress by replacing Jeans with Payjama .

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