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Kaleera Kaleera Wedding Bridal Kaleera

There are some interesting rituals in Punjabi weddings which are  so emotional and heart warming at the same time. One such is kaleeras which really is beautiful and  reminds how rich is punjabi culture



About Kaleere Ceremony:  Kaleeras are pretty looking gold/silver plated ornaments with beautiful hangings which is believed to bring good luck to the bride. Originally kaleeras were made of fully dried coconut. But today you get beautiful kaleere’s in variety of patterns which complement wedding lehenga.
Traditionally kaleere is gifted by the maternal relatives(Mama Ji) to the bride. The kaleere is tied on to the bride’s chura (Punjabi bridal bangles) by the bride’s best friends and cousins on the day before wedding. Another interesting ceremony, the bride taps her kaleeras on her unmarried friends and cousins(only girls :D ). If a part or whole of kaleere falls on any of them they are considered to be getting married next.

The day after wedding the married couple visits gurudwara and leave one of the kaleera there and the other one is kept with the wife.

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