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It is not just women who are obsessed with the new trends in the world of fashion; men too have a fabulous outlook towards style which makes them ruling the world and their larger than life image is now being talked about in fashion world.  Here are top 10 Punjabi men who show their fabulous sense of style with their classy outfits or with their fitness and fashion intelligence who became trend setter in Punjab. Punjabis have achieved which no other community has.

They have created respect, prosperity and happiness, wherever they are. From Honey Singh to Kapil Sharma here we are presenting the most stylish and trending Punjabi men.


1.Yo Yo Honey Singh

yo yo honey singh top 10 punjabi style



His stuff is pretty cool.Undoubtedly the biggest Punjabi Superstar who has taken the world of style & fashion by storm is now entering into the world of fashion by launching his own men’s clothing line “Brown Boys Fashion (BBF)”.
Rapper Honey Singh made a grand entry into Bollywood when he was paid a whopping amount of Rs 70 lakh for track Mujhe neat pila de sajna in Sunil Bohra's flick Mastaan. He, however, came into the limelight with Angrezi beat in Saif-Deepika starrer Cocktail. Since then Yo Yo Honey has sung many popular songs in Bollywood.








 2. Roshan Prince

roshan prince top 10 punjabi style







The Winner of Voice of Punjab ,came as a village boy and now his style is often copied by many younger entrants in the Punjabi Film & Music Industry.Amongst the youngest breed of Punjabi superstars who can act, sing and dance is Roshan Prince.









3. Diljit Dosanjh

diljit dosanjh top 10 punjabi style




Diljit-The Turban Trend Setter. This Punjabi superstar is credited to making turban famous in Punjabi film industry. He gas settled the trend of turban amongst the Punjabi youth. In Punjab ,guys often complement other Surd Guys telling your turban looks like Diljit's Turban . Perhaps the biggest Punjabi star who is now appearing in bollywood and also Diljit paired opposite Kareena kapoor.









 4. Gippy Garewal

 Gippy grewal

Gippy Grewal Hairstyle is not only popular in Punjab also it is going popular in all over the India.  Gippy Grewal hairstyles name are so much uncommon. His versatile Hair Style makes him tops the list of stylish Men in Punjab.








5.Jazzy B



Whether he is grooving to the beats, hanging with the boys or simply chilling, Jazzy B’s hard-to-miss flamboyance not only complements his charismatic attitude – but also adds to it. And this same attitude is now up for grabs with his clothing line. Coming from a star who is an international jet-setting, multi-talented, style icon with no boundaries and no limits,Jazzy B is a complete lifestyle style which means to glamour and style. With lots of tattoos this singer has recently launched his own clothing line B Jazzy.





6.Jassi Gill

jassi gill top 10 punjabi style




Jassi Gill not only famous for his beautiful voice but also for his looks and style, he is a fashion icon in Punjabi music industry, Indian boys loved to follow him as a fashion idol. This Punjabi singer is particularly popular for his hairstyle and beard, Seeing his overall Great personality the feature that adds the most to his stylish style is his thick black hair. he has some best Buzz cutt, Thick black hair, Shaggy, Spiky and Slick Haircuts.





7. Amrinder Gill

Amrinder gill


Born and raised in village Boorchand Amritsar, Punjab, Amrinder Gill has become a firm favorite with the new generation of Punjabi music fans with his laid back style, up-market video and catchy Punjabi pop .His Innocent face and funky style is being loved by almost everyone in Punjab.







8.Ammy Virk

ammy virk top 10 punjabi style



Ammy Virk the popular handsome and style icon of the youth. Ammy Virk is a very popular singer as well as actor of the Punjabi industry Ammy virk is firstly known to the people by his three single track ik pal, yaar amli and jatt da sahara which takes the attention of young Punjabi. He mixed Desi Style with Western which proved to b a trending style in punjab.









9 Ninja Punjabi Singer

Ninja top 10 punjabi style





Ninja a newcomer and in no time made his recognition in punjab with his big kundals,his haristyle and cool look .He is a well-known Punjabi singer and lyricist who has taken a place in the hearts of Punjabi Youth. He has sung many Best songs like AADAT. He came into limelight with his DJ song “Pindaan Wale Jatt” which was highly liked by the Punjabi youth generation.





10 Kapil Sharma

kapil sharma 10 punjabi style





Kapil Sharma is Punjabi icon who got handsome-with-brains' style,a prompt replier ,Instant comedy .Kapil sharma has made Amritsar more famous. The way he has transformed himself from being an average looking to now being talk of the town. Watch out for him as he enters bollywood.

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