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Punjabi Sports Legends

Play a few games and get fame and fortune in return; who wouldn’t love that? Athletes and sportsmen, and women, have always been a great sour of inspiration for everyone. 

A few examples of Punjab Sports personalities that would come to mind would be people like Dalip Singh,Dara Singh,Milkha Singh and many more. They symbolize the level of fitness, competitive edge, physique, popularity and fame that everyone wishes they had. 

Dara Singh


Born:19th Nov 1928
City Born: Amritsar District, India
Died: July 12,2012
Nick Name: Rustam-E-Hind
Spouse: Surjit Kaur Randhawa

Vindu Dara Singh, Parduman Randhawa, Amrik Singh Randhawa, Deepa Singh, Kamal Singh, Loveleen Singh


Rustam-E-Hind 1954

Rustam-E-Punjab 1966

Dara Singh was an Indian wrestler-turned-actor. He started acting in 1952 and was the first sportsman to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha of India.Blending tradition and modernity, Dara Singh represented the nation's collective consciousness.Wrestler-turned-actor Dara Singh, who passed away on Thursday, will always be remembered for one of the most exciting fights in the history of wrestling competitions when he lifted an almost 200kg King Kong of Australia over his head and twirled him around.

While Dara Singh used to eat enormous number of chapatis, King Kong used to swallow chickens by the dozens.Dara Singh took part in about 500 professional fights, all undefeated while competing against some of the greatest names like George Gordienko of Canada, John Desilva of New Zealand and others.

He won the title of 'Rustam-E-Punjab' and 'Rustam-e-Hind' for his wrestling prowess.The wrestler entered the film industry in the fifties and is known for his roles in "King Kong" and "Faulad". The veteran actor also played the character of Hanuman in Ramanand Sagar's epic television series 'Ramayan'.

Dalip Singh


Born:27th April 1899
City Born: Dolon Kalan, Punjab
Died: Unknown
Father: Balkrishan Singh

Born : April 27, 1899
City :Dolon Kalan, Punjab
Father: Balkrishan Singh.

He was born in Dolon Kalan, Punjab as Sikh and was the father of Balkrishan Singh.Dalip Singh is a well known track and field athlete from India who participated in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, France and in the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Brigadier Dalip Singh was the first Indian sportsperson to represent the country at the Olympics.

Early Life of Dalip Singh
The Sikh athlete was born on 27th April, 1899 at Dolon village in Punjab and competed in the 1924 Olympic Games. In that championship, India sent a small team of seven athletes. In this seven-man squad

In the 1924 Olympics, he was unable to qualify in the long jump competition and finished 14th. He closely missed a mark in the long jump event. If he was successful, that could have earned him a place among the first six. At the 1928 Olympics, he finished 36th in the long jump event. Dalip Singh was also the first Indian to be the torchbearer at the inaugural Asian Games at Delhi in 1951.

Dalip Singh was a very notable and illustrious person. Singh had joined the Patiala army in the year 1924 and in World War II; he served the Patiala Infantry with courage and valour.

Surjit Singh Randhawa

Surjit Singh

Born:10th October 1951
City Born: Batala, Gurdaspur, Punjab
Died: 6 January 1984
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)

Sardar Surjit Singh Randhawa was an Indian field hockey player, who played for India national field hockey team at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.[1] He was a full back and captain of India field hockey team. Surjit studied at Guru Nanak School, Batala and Lyallpur Khalsa College

He played for Guru Nanak Dev University; Combined Universities; Indian Airlines and Punjab PoliceA tenacious and attacking player, Surjit adorned the defence at both right and left back positions and made an impression at every level of the game, starting from school.

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