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Facebook is introducing a real-time news app called Notify

Facebook New App for News Facebook New App for News Facebook Notify App

Facebook is planning another addition to its already various offerings, this time attempting to take over news distribution. The social media giant has been working on a new real-time news app, called "Notify", that it expects to launch.

According to a report by The Awl, an upcoming Notify app allows Facebook users to aggregate notifications from various publishers on recently posted stories or content. It means that – as on Twitter – people can access news in real-time, instead of just stumbling upon an article whenever it shows up on your feed.

For those keeping track, Notify would be Facebook’s second mobile news app after Paper — third if you count the main Facebook app.

Notify lets users subscribe to various news organisations on Facebook, called "stations", and then send them notifications whenever the media outlet puts out a story. This is another push in the news direction for Facebook, accompanied by their recent addition of Instant articles, which repackages new stories to load them quickly and smoothly within the Facebook app itself.

In other words, Notify could help publishers reach more people, and presumably even drive higher traffic to their websites. It could also increase the value of being first and/or fast to breaking news. In return, Facebook would get even more control over the media — even among publishers it hasn’t convinced to sign up for Instant Articles — while making its users more important in the process. Facebook likely enjoys its position as the funnel between readers and reporters, and Notify could be yet another way to make sure that doesn’t change.

The rumored news app may debut later October month, according to The Awl’s report.

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