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Two Facebook pages and two websites blocked for allegedly supporting terror acts in India

Indian Govt Blocked Terror Pages Indian Govt Blocked Terror Pages Blocked Facebook Pages & Two websites

In 2015, the government has so far blocked 55 to 60 websites and social networking pages, which are responsible for inciting hatred.

Adding addition to blocakage ,On the request of the IB and some police, the CERT-In has blocked two websites belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which were spreading outfit's propaganda, and two Facebook pages which were being run by anonymous people in Jammu and Kashmir," a senior government officer said.


The government has blocked two websites that were allegedly being accessed by sympathisers and potential recruits of ISIS. Some pages on the social networking site Facebook, related to Jammu and Kashmir, were also blocked.

The two websites spreading ISIS propaganda had details of how to make bombs and training modules of the outfit.

The government is also trying to ensure that hate content is removed from platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Meanwhile, minister for telecommunication, Ravi Shankar Prasad, said, steps will be taken to check misuse of social media in order to spoil communal harmony, as well as national security.It may be noted here, that the arrest of Mehdi Masroor Biswas, a Bengaluru-based executive, for putting up material favouring ISIS, last year, had initially alerted the intelligence agencies about the threat of terror activities on cyberspace.

Many Indian youths, intercepted while travelling to Syria to join the ISIS, were also indoctrinated through online chats. At present, there are around 30,000 such Twitter handles and other social media forums, along with websites, that spew hatred.

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