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Gurdware outide India Gurdware outide India Gurdware Abroad

Outside India Sikhs are almost everywhere. Sikhs have emigrated to countries all over the world - especially to English-speaking and East Asian nations. In doing so they have retained, to an unusually high degree, their distinctive cultural and religious identity. Their Devotion toward their Sikh Gurus and to provide congregation among community,wherever Sikhs are gone they have graced the societies with Gurdwaras .Here is the dynamic list of gurdware outside India

Guru Nanak Darbar, Dubai

guru nanak darbar dubaiThe largest gurdwara of Gulf region has been opened for public in Dubai. Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar has been constructed at a cost of $20 million. Though Dubai has 50,000 Sikhs staying there, it had no gurdwara so far.

Vice-president and prime minister of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum, had granted 25,400 sq feet land for the gurdwara in Jebel Ali area.

Address: Al Muntazah Complex, 212 | Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone Number: 971-4-8827550


Sri Guru Singh Sabha

Guru Singh Saba UKSri Guru Singh  Sabha Southall also known as SGSSS.  SGSSS  is the largest Gurdwara outside India, it established in 1950s.The Havelock Road site was purchased in 1967. The dairy was transformed into the Gurdwara in a matter of weeks. In April 1967, Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall emerged as the leading Gurdwara in Europe.On 30th March 2003 Havelock Road,  Gurdwara site was  inaugurated by HRH Prince of Wales – Prince Charles. Since then many dignitaries such as Former Prime

Address: Havelock Rd, Southall UB1 3AG, England
Phone Number: 020 8574 4311

 Ontario Khalsa Darbar

ontario khalsa darbarOntario Khalsa Darbar is the largest and busiest Sikh gurdwara in Canada. The gurdwara sits on 36 acres.The Ontario Khalsa Darbar (Dixie Gurdwara) was officially started in 1978 in a small trailer. Steadily more and more money was raised and land was purchased and a building was created in 1988. The opening ceremony drew in large crowd and it took many hours to get in.

 Address:Ontario Khalsa Darbar,
 7080 Dixie Road,Mississauga. Ontario- L5S IB7
Phone: (905) 670 3311


Glasgow Gurdwara

Glasgow GurdwaraSituated next to the Tramway theatre and adjacent to ‘The Hidden Gardens’, the Gurdwara is a shining addition to one of Glasgow’s most vibrant and multicultural streets. The new Gurdwara will be a hub of activity for Glasgow’s Southside community, with facilities for congregational prayer, language classes, provision of Langar (free community kitchen) and a social space. The Glasgow Gurdwara will have a capacity of 1,000.

Address:37 Albert Drive
Glasgow,G41 2PE

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Gurdwara Sahib -San Jose

Gurdwara San joseThe Sikh Gurdwara San Jose was founded in the Early Eighties by former President late Jit Singh Bainiwal, Teja Singh, and late Baba Pyara Singh Obhi.Late Jit Singh Bainiwal, Teja Singh, and late Pyara Singh Obhi along with the other dedicated sevadars from the community founded the Sikh Gurdwara San Jose in 1984. The South Bay Sikh Community was growing rapidly and there was an urgent need for a local Gurdwara for the congregation to attend.

Address:3636 Murillo Ave
San Jose , CA 95148

Office Phone Number: (408) 274-9373
Office Fax Number: (408) 274-3712


Gurdwara Sahib Dashmesh Darbar

Gurudwara Sahib Dashmesh DarbarAddress :Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar
115-12885 85 Avenue,
Surrey, BC - V3W 0K8
(604) 594-2573

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