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Ankelets- Punjeban-Jhanjharaan

Punjabi Ankelet Punjeban Jhanjar Punjabi Ankelet Punjeban Jhanjar Punjabi Ankelet Punjeban Jhanjar

"Every woman wears anklets, but only some can make them tinkle."

 Ankelet in punjabi term is known as Paayal or Punjeban or Jhanjharan is an ornament worn around the ankle.Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as payal. 

They are made of different metals and in multiple shapes, with more expensive metals like gold being more common among the rich, while less expensive ones like silver and iron more common among lower social classes. In Punjab Jhanjharan worn by girls are made up of steel mostly ,which include beads . Jhanjharan has small bell type beads which are known as Ghungru


Now a days Paayal or Jhanjharan comes in different shape,various colors which are setting a new trend in punjab. Now a days there is fashion of wearing Paayal in one ankle among Girls .

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