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Traditional Dresses Punjab

Traditional Dresses Punjab (3)

Punjab is one colorful region of the world with rich culture that keeps on inspiring and attracting the people globally. Each and every aspect in Punjab is so interesting and amazing. Even their traditional attires are so lovely and gorgeous.Punjabi costumes are blend of comfort, color and beauty.

traditional dressess men

Costumes of Punjab are indicative of the dazzling and vibrant culture and lifestyle of the people of the region. The Men costumes are an amalgamation of colours, comfort and beauty. Men generally wear the traditional dress of Kurta and Pajama. The Kurta is worn on the top and is a loose apparel with a straight cut for comfortable movement.

Giddha & Bhangra Dresses


Traditional Giddha dance dresses or costumes include dupatta or scarf, salvaar-kamzeez, tikka, jhumka, paranda, raani-haar, baazu-Band, pazaibs and so on. Keep reading to learn more about traditional Giddha dance dresses.


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