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Kila Raipur 2016 Sports Mela

Kila Raipur Event for Rural Sport  is celebrated every year between 30th Jan till 10th Feb.

2016 Kila Raipur Games will be Held on 4 Feb 2016 to 7 Feb 2016

How to Reach Kila Raipur?


Train from Kila Raipur to Ludhiana: Travel time from Kila Raipur to Ludhiana by train may take around 0 hours and 19 minute. Kila Raipur to Ludhiana train route distance is nearly 17 KM.


Kila Raipur games of festival , you get an experience to watch games like 100mts-1500mts,High and Long jump, Kabbadi, bullock cart race, Short Put, Mule cart race. Horses and bullock carts, races were also held between tractors. The indigenous martial arts stunts demonstrated by the young Sikh performers were no less extraordinary. Martial art this was also a part of the teaching in Akharas, where the boys learnt the use of weapons. Nihangs practice martial arts to keep up the traditions.Evening Back to hotel overnight stay.

Other than these games one can experience watching  actvities like people lifting bicycles or ladders with their teeth, pulling cars with their hair, teeth or ears, and other daredevil stunts on bikes and horses. each evening there’s a cultural feast with folk singers, Bhangra, and Gidha performers, which happens on all three days of the festival. Drive back to hotel .overnight stay in hotel in Ludhiana.

Enjoy, be part of Kila Raipur Rural Olympic 2016

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