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Wrestler Athletes from Punjab

 Olympians from Punjab have achieved some of the highest honors in sports history just by qualifying for the Olympics, as most athletes will never be chosen to represent their countries. These are the most prominent people from Punjab who have competed in the Olympics, although not all of them have taken home an Olympic medal.

While these popular Punjab Olympians were born in Punjab, they didn't necessarily compete for their originating country. This list contains athletes like Milkha Singh and Robbie Brightwell.




    Milkha Singh
    Ajmer Singh (1940–2010), Olympian and 1966 Jakarta Asian Games gold medallist sprinter
    Rupa Saini
    Kamaljeet Sandhu
    Baljinder Singh (born 1986), race walker

The "Great" Gama

    The Great Khali, (real name Dalip Singh Rana) an Indian professional wrestler, actor, and former powerlifter
    The Great Gama
    Dara Singh
    Jinder Mahal
    Premchand Dhingra
    Tiger Jeet Singh
    Gurjit Singh
    Sonjay Dutt (real name Ritesh Bhalla), a TNA wrestler
    Ayushmoy Roy, infamous flat 79 corridor wrestler and proud bearer of 15 inch super biceps.
    Ghuller Pehlwan
    vijay kumar- real name as Billa pehalwaan, Rustam e hind As Bharat kesari and also win the title of Sitaare – e – Punjab. he has won the both titles at the same     day can be recorded in the Indian history of the world wrestlers.
    Sohan Singh- he has also won the many titles and works at the coach at amritsar (Goal bagh stadium) as the professionalist .
    Maddi- He has also won the title of sitaare – e – Punjab and also won many titles by punajb sports organisation.


    Jeev Milkha Singh
    Jyoti Randhawa
    Arjun Atwal
    P. G. Sethi
    Gaurav Ghei
    Shiv Kapur
    Gaganjeet Bhullar

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