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Punjab Kids Rural Sports

Punjab has lot of Sweet games which are being played by Punjabi kids from centuries:


Chahtapoo is a game played both by both girls and boys in Punjab. It is still common amongst some of the children.


How to Play?

This game is played with in small boundary (court), drawn on the ground and a piece of stone.In game you have to play with one leg without getting the lines touched of boudary boxes.

Stapoo was the most favorite pastime of Punjabi children. Mainly it was played by little and teenage girls, but many young boys also took part in it with immense Interest. Compare to Nowadays costly game boxes,video games Stapoo cost nothing and required only two small things. A piece of chalk or coal to draw the playing court and a square or round piece of flat stone, to use as the playing object.

Kikli game is basically for Girls. This dance/game is actually called Kikli and Kaleer. Kaleer means a little girl. Since the first two lines of the song almost always go as Kikli Kaleer di, Pag mere veer di (Kikli is dance for little girls, and the turban is for my brother), the dance/game/song is commonly known as kikli kaleer di.


How to Play?
This is a game, which is played by two or four girls ,basically players count should be in even numbers .Two girls clasp their hands and spin themselves in circular motion.while singing song

Kikli kleer di,
Pag mere vir de,
Daupatta mere bhai da
Phitte mun jawai da

Kokla Chhapaki

Kotla Shapaki

How to Play?

Unlike many other games there is no fixed number of players required to play this game. It varies depending on how many people want to play. But it does not mean that only two people can play it. At least three people are required to play it furthermore the more players,the more fun.

Children sit in a circle ,one participant carries a whip made out of a dupatta. Dupatta is doubled in such a way that it forms into a rope like shape; hence it does not wound at all. and the child who has the cloth in his hand goes around the circle-singing: it is a kind of a warning for the children sitting in a circle not to look back. The cloth is then dropped at the back of a child. If it is discovered before the child who had placed it there had completed the round, the child who discovered the cloth would run after him and try to touch him with it till he sits in the place vacated by the one who had discovered the cloth.The main objective is not to capture the guy but to hit him/her with the whip, and for the other one he has to complete a circle and then sit in the spot vacated by the later.

The song sung during the game is:

Kokla Chapaki Jumeraat aayi aye
jera agge pichey wekhey
ohdi shamat aayi aye


Kokla Chapaki it is Thursday today
Whoever looks here and there
shall be punished.


ਕੋਕਲਾ ਚਪਾਕੀ ਜੁਮੇ ਰਾਤ ਆੲੀ ੲੇ
ਜੈਹੜਾ ਅਗੇ ਪਿਛੇ ਦੇਖੇ
ਉਹਦੀ ਸ਼ਾਮਤ ਆੲੀ ਏ

Lukan Miti (Hide & Seek)
The game is played throughout the world and quiet famous in Punjab.Game can be played with n Numbers ,More players more fun and even this game can be played in home or outside.

hide seek

How to Play?
Lukan Miti is popular children’s game in which one player closes his or her eyes for a brief period (often counting to 100 or specific count) while the other players hide. The seeker then opens his eyes and tries to find the hiders; the first one found is the next seeker, and the last is the winner of the round. In one of many forms of the game, the hiders try to run back to “home base” while the seeker is away looking for them; if all of the hiders return safely, the seeker repeats as seeker in the next round.This can continue the next coming days.

Bandar killa

Bandar killa or Bandar Qilla is a popular game in villages of Punjab , can be played in streets or play grounds.This game is Usually Played by boys. Joy and pleasure attached to the game is directly related to the number of participants, the game becomes even more interesting if greater number of players joins it.

bandar killa

How to Play?
Each Player Plays at his own turn and there is no team formation. The first turn is decided by PUGAN PUGAYEE before the game starts. (Pugan Pugayee is a kind of toss without coin, where three players at a time randomly places there hand face up or down. Out of three players one having odd hand face is considered as winner. This process continues with other players 3 at a time until only one remains, who could not win the toss). The person who loses the toss has the first turn and is called as BANDAR (Monkey – The looser).

A rope is tied tightly with the nail, pillar or tree named as QILLA(pole) and all the players put their shoes and CHAPPALS(Slippers) in a heap around it. The person, having current turn, is supposed to hold the rope and run around the nail in the circle for the protection of the shoes and Chappals. Rest of the players has to collect all the shoes and Chapplas without getting touched by Bandar. If the Bandar touches anyone, the turn switches. The player who is touched is new Bandar for the next turn and the game starts again from the beginning.

But if the other players succeed to snatch all the shoes and Chappals from the Bandar then the player moving around the nail has to run for his life to the pre-decided point, far from the nail. While the Bandar is running to save his life, he was attacked by all others with those collected shoes and Chappals. When Bandar reaches to that pre-decided point the shoes firing stops and he is regarded in true sense as a Bandar (A Truly Looser). And the same person is again Bandar for the next turn. He has to get back to the nail and game starts again. He is the Bandar until he touches someone who is trying to snatch shoes and the game (Bandar Qilla) continues…

Lak Bhannan
This game refreshes the charming memories of one’s childhood and it takes one back to the golden period of his/her life. There is a big trend of this game in the villages of Punjab. The game does not require any special equipment except for a rubber ball and few kids. In this game the person having the ball tries to throw ball at the other players back.

How To Play?
Game doesn't requires any expensive equipment. You Need Just a soft ball or rubber ball , Area is pre-defined for the game .Game can have as many possible players. You have to hit each other's back with Ball . When it hits in punjabi slang ,it is also called Seka .Who ever grabs the ball has opportunity to hit other player targeting his back.

This game is also an exclusive part of the culture of Punjab. The game refreshes the charming memories of one’s childhood and it takes one back to the golden period of his/her life. There is a big trend of this game in the villages of Punjab. The game does not require any special equipment except for a rubber ball and five-six flat disc stones. The importance of the game is that it generates a lot of team spirit and co-ordination among the young children.The game is played between two teams and the number of players in the team is not fixed as compared to other games like cricket and hockey.

pithu gram

How To Play?
The stuff needed to play the game is a tennis ball, chalk and five flat pieces of stone or wood of different sizes which can be placed one on another, forming steps. These are called as GEETIAN in the game. Teams decide the first turn by toss and losing team scatters for fielding. At the center of the play ground a small circle with the help of chalk is drawn and Geetian are placed one over the other in the center of circle. At the distance of 8-10 feet two marks are drawn at opposite sides of the circle. At one side of first mark players of first team stands and tries to hit the Geetian with the help of ball and on the other side of second mark players of second team (fielders) try to catch the ball after first bounce. If the team succeeds to catch the ball after or without hitting the Geetian the player of the first team is considered as out and the other player replaces him. If the fielding team is unable to catch the ball after hitting Geetian the main task of the game starts. The fielding team runs to pick the ball and tries to throw and hit the ball to the first team’s players, until the first team completes its task. On the other hand first team tries hard to save themselves from hitting the ball and tries to place the Geetian again in the circle in the same order. If the first team succeeded to arrange the Geetian in the circle, the players loudly say “PITTHU GOL GARAM” without which the task remains incomplete. If the fielding team completes its task by hitting ball to any player of opposite side before the first team completes its task, they get the next turn. But if the first team completes the task without any hit then every player gets an additional turn.

Langra Sher
This game is very popular among the village kids of punjab in which body balance plays a significant role .Both boys and girls can play this game .

How to Play?

In this game players draw a circle and one player have to reside in a circle on his one leg only and by keeping the balance on his one leg he has to touch other players while residing in a circle.If the player in a circle is successful in touching another player then that player comes in circle and becomes “Langra Sher”.If you loose balance and touch the land with both feet , you have to start your catching turn again.

Gulli Danda
This is basically a famous game for the boys and is the simplest version of modern cricket. It is played with a wooden stick and 'gulli' (another small wooden piece pointed at both the ends.) Two teams divide themselves, one throws the gulli and the other team uses the danda- (stick) to strike it. There are various other games that are played with Gulli Danda.There are no fixed numbers of players in gulli danda. It can be played between two teams or two individuals as well.

gilli danda

How to Play?
Objects used for gulli danda are two wooden sticks. Danda, a long wooden stick and a gulli small oval shaped wooden piece. To start the game, a small circle is drawn and the player who is on strike stands inside the circle and balances the gulli on a stone (similar to see-saw), but is should be placed in the manner so that one end of gulli touches the ground and other end stays in the air. After placing gulli, player on strike hits the gulli on the end that is in the air so it jumps in the air. As gulli jumps in the air, player once again strikes it and tries to throw it far away. After hitting the gulli player is supposed to run toward the pre agreed point before gulli is taken back by the opponent player. This part of gulli danda is similar to running in cricket or baseball. Scoring can be done on the bases of distance, the distance between striking point and the point where gulli landed. Measurement could be in terms of length of danda and sometimes gulli as well. Striking the gulli in the air also affects the score. If gulli was hit two times in the air, score would be double.


Akkar-Bakkar Game is an indoor game ,which can be played by two players only .It is interesting games for kid ,whenever they feel bore they can opt for this game .There are many versions of the same game .This game has rhyme in it too which varies from region to region.

Akkar bakkar

How to Play ?
All the players sits in the circle by keeping their hands flat on floor or table . One player starts pointing finger in the round robin fashion while singing rhyme. The player on whom that rhyme will stop has to toss his hand and keep his hand upside down which indicate his one hand is out of game .Next time if rhyme stops on his second remaining hand , then that player is out of the game .The last left player in the game is winner of the game .

Rhymes in different region

Akar bakar bambey bo
assi navey pura so
so ka lota titar mota (?)
chal madari paisa khotta
khotay thaley janj kholoti
janj ne puchhya kehra rah
peer mohammad buddha shah !!!


Akkar bakkar bombai bo
assee nabay pooray sao
sao kalota teetar mota
chal madaree paysa khota..
Khote Di Khteyai
Bhaboo Nasi Nasi Ayi


Akar bakar bambay bo
Asi nabay pooray sao
So mein lagga dhaga
Chor nikal ke bhaga.

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