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Punjabi Accessories

Punjabi Accessories (3)

There are some interesting rituals in Punjabi weddings which are  so emotional and heart warming at the same time. One such is kaleeras which really is beautiful and  reminds how rich is punjabi culture


THE Kara  is a steel or iron (sarb loh) bracelet, worn by all initiated Sikhs. It is one of the five kakars or 5Ks.This symbolizes the attachment to God, as represented by it's round shape, that means no beginning or end, much like the eternal nature of God.

It is also a reminder to follow the path of God, and carry out the dharma as prescribed by Guru.Kara identify a Sikh as dedicated to their religious order. The kara was instituted by the tenth Sikh guru Gobind Singh at the Baisakhi Amrit Sanskar in 1699.

"Every woman wears anklets, but only some can make them tinkle."

 Ankelet in punjabi term is known as Paayal or Punjeban or Jhanjharan is an ornament worn around the ankle.Barefoot anklets and toe rings historically have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as payal. 

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