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Internet (3)

In 2015, the government has so far blocked 55 to 60 websites and social networking pages, which are responsible for inciting hatred.

Adding addition to blocakage ,On the request of the IB and some police, the CERT-In has blocked two websites belonging to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which were spreading outfit's propaganda, and two Facebook pages which were being run by anonymous people in Jammu and Kashmir," a senior government officer said.

Facebook is planning another addition to its already various offerings, this time attempting to take over news distribution. The social media giant has been working on a new real-time news app, called "Notify", that it expects to launch.

WhatsApp version 2.12.312 is all set for New Feature which will preview the Web Link sent on Whatsapp.

If you’ve sent links in certain messaging apps, you know that sometimes a preview of that link will pop up, like a thumbnail of the website or the video that you’re trying to share. This gives users a better idea of what kind of link they are clicking, especially if said link is of the shortened variety which sometimes doesn’t tell us much.

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