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Domestic airport is an airport that handles only domestic flights—flights within the same country. Domestic airports do not have customs and immigration facilities and so cannot handle flights to or from a foreign airport.Here is the list of  domestic airports in Punjab .



Ludhiana Airport

ludhiana airportLudhiana is one of the popular cities of India and well connected through air route to all major cities in India.Ludhiana Airport is an official name of Sahnewal Airport. It is located near a small town of Punjab. It is located on the GT Road at a distance of 5 kilometers southeast of Ludhiana. The development plan of Sahnewal Airport was forwarded on 10th April 2007 to manage passenger flights.

The airport is well developed with all modern facility including latest escalators, high-tech baggage handling system and various other facilities are available here. Frequent service of flights connects all major cities and towns of the world.

Facilities at Ludhiana Airport:

Baggage Services: A number of facilities are provided at the airport by the authority. Corresponding baggage services are offered at the place. Every passenger surely gets 24x7 facility from and to the airport.

Places to Shop and Eat: Passengers get attract towards the numbers of stores that are available at the airport. One can find stores like stationery, bakery, restaurants, cafes, fast food stalls, chemist to jewellery and various other shops. One can get the desirable and needy stuff at affordable prices.

Duty Free Shopping: Duty free shopping service is available at the airport at reasonable prices. One will get n number of variety in products.

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