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Microsoft Unveils cheaper Surface Book with Nvidia graphics to line-up

Microsoft Surface Book Microsoft Surface Book Cheaper Version Surface Book

If you want the base model with a discrete GPU, your wish has been granted

Microsoft's entry-level Surface Book is getting a cheaper version with NVIDIA graphics.

The latest model comes before the convertible laptop goes on sale starting next week. The device is basically the base model with a Core i5 processor, 128GB of internal storage, and 8GB of RAM, but it comes with a discrete graphic processor unit (dGPU) to provide "more pixel shifting muscle than mere integrated graphics," Tech Radar reported.


The new Surface Book with the dGPU can be purchased for $1,699, which is up $200 for the base version, the news outlet noted. The $1,699 price tag is the same price as the Core i5 Surface Book with 256GB of storage. Interested buyers have to choose between doubling their memory storage and buying a device equipped with a discrete GPU

It's a handy addition for those who're willing to spend $1700 on the Surface Book. Now such users have a choice between picking either a 256GB internal storage variant and a variant which is capable of handling higher-end graphics. The addition also makes the cheaper price echelon of the Surface Book more enticing for everyone, and overall improves the computing experience for more people.

What is Descrete Graphic Card?

 the discrete graphics card significantly improves a laptop's capability to play games and handle graphics intensive suites like Adobe Photoshop or AutoCAD. In the words of Panos Panay, the graphics card in the new Surface Book is lineup is "for the gamer who plays League of Legends; this is for the architect who is building a building right now; this is for the scientist who is thinking about a cure for cancer."

Microsoft didn't exactly divulge details about the discrete GPU in the new Surface Book, but Tech Radar wrote that it comes around the same power level as the Nvidia GeForce 940M.

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