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Whatsapp Started showing Rich Preview

Whatsapp URL Preview Whatsapp URL Preview Whatsapp New Feature

WhatsApp version 2.12.312 is all set for New Feature which will preview the Web Link sent on Whatsapp.

If you’ve sent links in certain messaging apps, you know that sometimes a preview of that link will pop up, like a thumbnail of the website or the video that you’re trying to share. This gives users a better idea of what kind of link they are clicking, especially if said link is of the shortened variety which sometimes doesn’t tell us much.

For now, rich previews appear to only work on regular URLs. They don't activate on image links, which is where you would appreciate them even more. And they're limited to small snippets, so if you share an Instagram link you'll only get the image's caption if you're lucky, and if you share a link to a tweet you'll just see the first few words.

The WhatsApp also supports backing up messages to Google Drive now. This was a long awaited feature and finally WhatsApp developers made this feature available.
When you’ll install the latest version of WhatsApp, You’dd be asked to authenticate your WhatsApp with Google Drive and you’ll be given the option to choose the frequency on which the WhatsApp would backup the messages to Google Drive. By default, it will backup messages and images, you can also select the videos if you want to back them up as well.

WhatsApp Backup

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