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Hussainiwala Border Hussainiwala Border Firozpur Border

Hussainiwala Border is located 11 kilometres from the village of Hussainiwala in Ferozepur district in the Indian state of Punjab. The border is situated near the banks of Sutlej River and it is in the village of Ganda Singh Wala on the Pakistani side.

The border attracts a large number of audiences during its retreat ceremony that lasts for almost 40 minutes and it is being carried out every evening in a similar manner to that at Wagah Border in Amritsar.


Sun starts setting, the weird silence on the Hussainiwala border, 11 km away from Ferozepur, is ruptured by the clattering and thunderclap of heavy boots of the well-dressed in Kahki uniform, Indian BSF Jawans who equalize their counter part, the sound of Peshawari Cops in salwar-kurta dressed Pakistani Rangers and both of them match their every movement, motion and step with each other, under the loud commands of their picket commanders for the 40-minute retreat ceremony done for the de-hoisting of the national flags of both countries with full honour and respect on every evening. The visit of any dignity, tourist, relative or a friend to this border district remained futile without paying their visit to joint check post at Hussianiwala, and those who visit here feel get a feeling of being present in the different world. The sound of patriot songs flying in the air, intensify the feeling of Patriotism among the audience and every action of these BSF heroes is applauded by the numberless claps by them, which also provide these nation- guards a feeling of honour.

The check post is located 100 meters from the zero line on the Indian side, while on the Pakistani side it is 600 meters away. The national flag hoisting ceremony between the two countries takes place during day time on both sides of the line.

Hussainiwala Border served as the major road crossing between Indian and Pakistan till 1970. At that time, it acted as a trade route for truckers, mainly to import Kandahari Angoor (dehydrated grapes) as well as other fruits and food products from Pakistan and Afghanistan. After its closure in 1970, the authorities raised a proposal in 2005 to reopen the border but nothing much has been done until now and it is still closed.

The area was governed by Pakistan until 1962, after which Indian managed to get control of the area in return of 12 villages near head Sulemanki (Fazilka). The memorials of Shahid Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev are installed just 1 kilometre on the Indian side.

People from far away visit here to watch the robust BSF Jawans competing their counterpart to prove an edge over them.

Timing : 5pm Daily
Duration: 40 Mins

Recommended : Be there at 4pm to enjoy full retreat

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